Micronutrients, the importance of testing for deficiencies.

Our dietary makeup breaks down from our caloric total to the macro nutrients that made it, which is fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Within these we find the micro nutrients, or more commonly known as vitamins and minerals. The quality of food you buy will effect the quality and quantity of your micro nutrient content. Depending on your dietary variety, geographic location, and various environmental and lifestyle choices, it’s likely many of us will have deficiencies in one or more micro nutrient, and it’s important to get a clinical diagnosis before trying to address these issues.

Minerals, especially, can be dangerous in excessive doses as well as in depleted quantities. They also exist in antagonistic relations with one another. For example, Zinc and Copper compete, and taking one may decrease the amount of the other.

This is why it’s important to know if you’re deficient in one or both before taking either supplement. Taking zinc with a copper deficiency could deplete your copper to dangerous levels.

Some micro nutrients come in a variety of sources, and some are safer to take in high doses than others. Vitamin A sourced from plant-bases like beta-carotenoids are safer than those from preformed meat-based sources. It’s very difficult to take too much from a plant-based source.

Likewise the reaction your body has, and the bio availability of sources differs. The oxide form of many minerals found in cheap drug store multivitamins will not be as easy to absorb as citrate or other forms acidic forms. This is why the calcium found in milk may not be as useful as calcium citrate in a supplement form.

Contact your doctor for blood and urine testing if you believe you are deficient in one or more micro nutrients.


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