With this blog I seek to help condense some of the health and fitness information into an easy-to-digest language for everyone, backed up with external links to details for people looking to expand their knowledge beyond those horizons.

In the future I may expand on this, creating more in depth and focused work when I feel I’ve sufficiently discussed the basic topics.

It’s my hope to break down some of the myths and fictions in the health and fitness industry that have many people mislead into trying gimmicky diets and workout programs that may not be the best choice.

What I want people to understand  most is that the basics of fitness, the things you need to know to succeed, are simple and accessible to everyone. Magazines, books, and web pages have over-complicated the fitness world to encourage you to buy their products.

The biggest challenge for me, and others like me, is to disprove all the nonsense that people have been taught about 8 minute abs, fat burning, low carb dieting, and other trends.

I am not a medical professional, and if you feel something I have said is incorrect, I encourage you to point me in the direction of more accurate information.


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