Recommended Links and Resources

You don’t have to be a bodybuilder or aspire to get big to benefit from the wealth of information these guys and girls have learned in their pursuit of the sport. Remember, this is a competition that pits people head to head for their ability to reach peaks of physical conditioning, they need to know everything to win!

This website has a wealth of information on the muscles throughout your body, how each works, and how to target them with exercise and stretches, plus much more.


I highly recommend this for everyone. The stretches are safe and extremely effective. The combination of videos and text make the directions clear and easy to follow, and soon you’ll be troubleshooting your own aches and pains and helping those around you to do it as well.

Nutrition Data

This website allows you to create a profile, input the foods you eat, and gives you a detailed description of the macro and micro nutrients you consumed. Anyone who’s serious about creating their own diet should give this a look.

This website pits the claims of popular supplements against the scientific studies on whether or not they do as they claim.


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